How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO shirt

Many people can’t possibly know the origin of Thanksgiving large polo shirt, poloshatsralfloren, Polo clothes, he is better than plus the time popular design throughout, you put this in the POLO shirt will popular clothing.

Polo Ralph Lauren brand was established that POLO RALPH LAUREN, it is. We usually other programs unless there is no other brand name otherwise suspected imitations that, Polo shirts, this one just says.

Men and women, as well as models, Polo kids model for Ralph Lauren POLO shirts, even BABY installation and Oh-for Ralph shirt in particular counterfeit goods, its style is easy with simple forgery. High imitation real it is more expensive than selling Taobao for many shows. So to distinguish the real Polo how do? It is to teach how to identify genuine and fake Polo shirts now how to here!

1. fabric

You can real POLO, silk fabrics, feel good, not counterfeits do!

How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Complete and clear color natural shell deduction, White gloss with yellow outside shimapan.

Used 260 gram birds NET cotton fabric thick cotton pique network 220 grams, and POLO sheer fabric is gorgeous.

Common false 160 g or 180 grams of cotton pickenetwork, basically they are this process have not been cleaned, so completely different feel of the fabric cleaning, real after the fibers have to wash this step imitation also obviously uses authentic feeling a little better, and to see the relatively rough surface below 0 degrees from wet hard, sex highly decorated with soft, but it is obvious water color.

Finally, I want to introduce genuine washed fabric POLO, also has its color characteristics. Wash fabric POLO collar real obvious dents and can easily stand in color, you can go to the check in counter.

2. standard key

Reverse side is thin fluorescent line, next to it is woven wire or security has woven collar marked line.
How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Standard lock color edge: 3 blue-fluorescent line, it is a standard color made with standard locking color edges, are bound together in a lot of time, we see three lines at both ends of the triangle whiter shade of factory employees. Doing it here shear.

How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Jumper: jumper in the frame of the four corners of the main standard spiraea thunbergii significantly jumper.

How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Main standards: article is full, high-gloss surface in most places, embroidery, 3D, behind the standard size of the factory has all products are positive!

CLASSIC FIT: Classic withholding tax standard, CHINA / origin made, several different origins, such as the Philippines, China and Peru will be!

Custom FIT: Slim withholding standard!

SLIM FIT: Slim type main standard, especially comparing CUSTOM FIT is more self-cultivation, hem slits around this difference is not so big, but Asian markets are very good!

There are negative subject size, be careful, you at least have the last number or letter, for example, RN 41381: RL represents the United States official registration code for clothes. 65: POLO shows the OEM factory code approval.
How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Bid receives a negative thin fluorescent line sideways, wires that are woven or woven cloth collar marked line security, each regular POLO clothing has security lines.

You can see it as the way to identify real clothes also have strengthened the catcher on the subject on both sides.

You can see the three lines at the ends of the blue shadow factory workers, triangular blue fluorescence of the three lines in the standard color it is made with standard locking color edges, are bound together in a lot of time when we do it from here with shearing.

3. horse signyukiyanagi

Ralph Lauren POLO the classic trademark horse sign.
How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Spiraea thunbergii and body embroidery: a powerful remedy in a clear three-dimensional, complete embroidery separate strength of reins army does not fade, embroidered standard thick bright colors, fine crafts, embroidered soft and powerful, distortion-free, no injuries embroidery, high weave body. Seems the scraping hand knowhow, very spiritual in horses has a strong body and 3-dimensional.

All of the embroidery is of, whether the standard or horse badge thread company of the United Kingdom is turned off for the production of heigladegoldsmithyukiyanagi. Like so, embroidered soft-bodied, intense feeling of strength, giving a quick recovery.

Recently, some sellers are horse symbols, especially complete embroidered interlining reinforced in real behind the friend buyers to detailed descriptions to all buyers of friends here on this issue, Club confused claimed.

Embroidery factory backing two currently used one paper material, and others (in rare cases currently unused) has been non-woven material, some sellers are Club embroidery site reinforced behind wherein was next to such non-woven and imply the use of the materials is to use paper-based processes.

Inside the park known as embroidery dress embroidery factory, the first white mat liners, white Pu before before the cleaning, some hot wash and dry after the front is subject to certain destruction, even after cleaning the back ironing clothes and embroidery clothing flat and artificial Iron tears then becomes this white Pu purpose is to prevent individual human skin that becomes this fiber is very fine white liner allergic reactions.

Standards for Malaysia buyers of some friend’s advice, especially in straight clubs is not why? This is due to washing clothes and drying plants, is part of the garment itself and embroidered fabrics shrink ratio embroidery pieces are different as a result cannot be restored to form water before passage of the iron even after constant deformation occurs.

4. watermark

Watermark: embroidered font, but even blind man, has not reached this level contents of washing clothes of the subject goods how can rub off the feel that in General, it is noisy, feel very concave washer is washing clothes best in front of buyers of all reference; Water mark single common (Europe, USA, Japan, Korea) are divided into several.
How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Length of long sections, the same is not cleaning, European single standard!

Font number line single cleaning standard in the United States, or another country, the number of rows will change that? Alphanumeric single washer mark is behind the United States, the plant specific internal code section clothes washing methods, each with a different cleaning methods said they have different codes.

5. lapel collar and placket

Polo: no nothing mentioned here, many friends, CUSTOM FIT and slim version and standard version of SLIM FIT / long 2 cm flat color, so says the flat CLASSIC FIT / classical collar more suitable than a classic version of biography, a noble atmosphere.

Suitable for young people, it is very stylish, slim Edition and Standard Edition!

Collar lapel: it is common and does not mean that Polo Ralph Lauren color 18 can stand up by organizing the needle siping motors manufactured with hair wrapped in a small rubber band, it’s more hard collar thick genuine misunderstanding. Look at lapel collar length than the collar to FIT:CLASSIC / CUSTOM FIT / slim version with 2 CM long flat SLIM FIT / Standard Edition of the classic flat collar.
How to identify genuine and fake Ralph Lauren POLO

Hem / alignment: new series SLIM FIT Standard Edition hem difference of 2 ~ 3 cm, standard version of the series in the Asian market is pretty good!

Note: hem line comes out, takes!

6. fabric

Finally, not only the most important and best known textile. Here for reference right too bad master.

So will buy most of his comfort so basically the same style Polo shirts. Flexibility to close, withstand beads organization, full particles and does not deform easily. Drape a Visual elegance refreshing, characteristics and other aspects, absorbent and comfortable, breathable, soft touch. Polo shirt, make sure ventilation can absorb the sweat work that you feel comfortable wearing stickers on the body. As a result, you need very sophisticated fabrics.

I thought to use cloth POLO friends there very misunderstood, should be soft to some or little authentic by the waves. Think that some of my friends it is a little stiff and thick, it is real.

POLO TEE as there are many styles, but actually it’s just fabric and fixed cleaning process is impossible. However, may cause a feel different fabrics and cleaning, rinsing several times with short T pony base model dough 3 or more types there are different processes. Even if you have felt, fabrics and cleaning RL-home professional analysts is not only sensitive RL is must perform physical and chemical analysis, and to determine the authenticity of the cloth.

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Regarding the problem of other RL sector:

Using the symbol of a noble and Royal purple PURPLE LABEL is commonly known as the purple label series is the is the most upscale series RALPH LAUREN,. RALPH LAUREN purple label, basic Italy cooking is made, and widely recognized European and American mainstream society, and to reflect the essence of the design is most high-end series through only his master. POLO contacts the other things, not to mention simply grade the shirt 4-6 times more expensive is not. This is called the canonical name of the main, will not reflect the white RALPH embroidered English round hand in terms of floor LAUREN in purple.

RLX RALPH LAUREN series has been discontinued replaced POLO SPORTS series. After a series of professional POLO brand company is integrated as a main direction of climbing diving. Looking for design inspiration from sportswear, while specifically designed for this type of sports apparel accessories, short span of 2023 occupies fixed in the high-end apparel market, form a complete brand line. Rlx primarily emphasize movement functionality and comfort in a detailed study of the apparel with ruches and the pursuit of simplicity, the use of external properly emphasizes.

RALPH R Я; retro series in LAUREN BY POLO. Full deductions for American retro style. Vintage mens POLO series in the mid-1980s stopped after the concrete is not known.

Hillary abundant charcoal and favorite Ralph Lauren purple appearance recognition

Hillary Clinton can pay her speeches her political career Wednesday morning before New York stage in just a few hours, after defeat in the last presidential election.

And, opportunity, Clinton is keeping tradition wearing trousers by her favorite designer, Ralph Lauren Designer Polo best friend.

She picked a purple replica tie and a purple collar rich charcoal suit, her last bout purple shirt, and her husband building, according to her.

In the first few hours, Umekli Tang Pu and Ralph Lauren Polo in New York, when he chose to look at her husband, he got HK $ 32,000 from his American designer ivory jumpsuit and his victory speech of 10 blocks I did it.

Finally, let's see: Hillary Clinton wearing a purple collar shirt for her concessional speech Wednesday charcoal suit
Finally, let’s see: Hillary Clinton wearing a purple collar shirt for her concessional speech Wednesday charcoal suit
In his speech Wednesday, his wife, according to her appearance, Bill · purple tie
In his speech Wednesday, his wife, according to her appearance, Bill · purple tie

During her campaign period, Clinton recently selected the design time and time again by Ralph Lauren pants, ivory suits during the third and final discussion willpt cards last month for themselves.

For the first discussion being the red and red pants, navy blue of the second and Changchun labels designed by Lauren.

She was a Democratic Party and when she told on behalf of the Diet in August she was also wearing Ralph Lauren white pants.

Time only during the campaign is not using pants to go with her and Lauren still wearing a red dress dress by Bronx born Al-Smith dinner during the October when she was designed did.

She also went with other designers, Armani, most prominently.

Clinton wears tweed jacket $ 124.55 watching by the number of events by Italian designers.

She got her a Ralph Lauer coat for her speech in the past 4 months, she was announced as the winner of the Democratic primary, Anna Winter who participated in a fundraiser she held in Los Angeles shortly after.

Plum Wearing ivory on Wednesday morning by designer Loren Tsunaga for her husband's victory speech
Plum Wearing ivory on Wednesday morning by designer Loren Tsunaga for her husband’s victory speech
Clinton also selects the appearance of ivory, the final discussion
Clinton also selects the appearance of ivory, the final discussion
Clinton admitted defeat of the presidential election

And the national ladies’ private Facebook page, President Clinton left a message on Tuesday.

“Tonight, we hope that the best, the hardest glass ceiling will eventually destroy together and eventually pass through all these trousers best time! – In commemoration,” she wrote.