This time to show you my ralph lauren series in UK

It’s finally that time flick for me to show you my ralph lauren series.

But before I will i just want to state the obvious, I do not have the biggest ralph lauren collection and most of had been actually give. so consider straight into this and see what’s up.

I’ve kind of divided my wardrobe into two because as Connie says this thing wrapped dole it Ralph Lauren. Oh, ok, this is route so let’s get each one of these bad boys out my wardrobe.

Yeah, by method I forgot to say i’m gonna Ralph Lauren towel as well as a perfumes from them so yeah repulsive checked into the product. so getting started into this collection i’m just going to put them driving and I’m in order to kind tell you i don’t know why i got some, how i got some and stuff like that.

So let’s just check these all around us I’ve got associated with white ones, if you’re able to see that and i’ll tell the story behind naturally also yeah while much quickly put these into their categories or whatever. you want to call it and we all can start off, so i’ll help you in a second all right.

So I actually had to change my clothes into my Ralph Lauren track see to obtain all of your crooks to fill my bed, so here goes nothing ball there you have it guys.

This is my ralph lauren collection so i’m in order to go through them one by one very quickly complete, I’ve got like six white shorts or seven in addition they look very exact same. So i’ll tell you why in a second, but here you go which is the connection for now I’ve kind of powers on the top.

Because there’s one under here as well, this one if you can see that, but let’s quickly go through these and yeah can be actually not a bad connection now. we have it full-scale.

So the first thing you guys are in all likelihood noticing in this collection is there is lots of white top, so basically i love white and black tops. Those end up being the two colors i really like but don’t get it wrong, i didn’t just get loads and loads analysts because of that.

Now i see a couple of these were gifts, i’ll get strange that reliable one i bought myself you know a standard white ralph lauren main. but then I actually had one guys get me one as a gift which is still going to tag on it as well as.

So let’s put that back in its place, this one i think i got myself i really love like you know the color being blue and the # 3 being read.

Let’s see obvious a gift, Simply this long sleeve was a gift, this i actually bought when i was living in Central london. we went to central London, i saw it really loved it, so i picked it out.

And finally let’s examine which one is this, this one is an one of my friends got me, i do believe they ordered it from online for me. So that’s where this came from and that is in fact all of the white ones in deep trouble now.

So there’s loads more to go through, i don’t even know where i want start off actually. i’m truly going to review more of them, i’m just gonna be talk about these bags for a second, because website visitor stays them perfumes you can buy you.

Okay you often will tell i got a blue one, it came with this bag and I’ve got a red one we had to replace on this bag.

To be honest if it isn’t for the bags, i would not possess bought the perfume so basically. content articles didn’t know sometimes, they have like promotions going on where

you can buy like a Ralph Lauren and perfume and they supply bag.

So that’s how he got these one of our friends actually really enjoy the red one. We got him one as well and i believe that’s how the towel came as with another perfume so yeah.

They have an excellent way of marketing their perfumes, this top this is my favorite floor on top. I always wear in my videos, I just adore it.

This was something pink one was a gift, this one was a gift the yellow one this was solution . i actually ever purchased, i remember why got this had in dubai, this had cool burjuman, that’s the name of the center and i boy from there.

I think this was the second i bought, you can see when i began by my Ralph, they’re really funky colors purple. being successful this is a gift and i know i have a lot of like ralph lauren gifts and this isn’t targeted traffic after all my family’s old.

I was buying ralph laurens begin giving them to me, so they thought i became into it which i was at time.

So pretty much was a standard get more a medium ralph lauren and he will like it, So that’s why I’ve got so many gifts.

I hope everyone have enjoyed this collection, it wasn’t too long because how long am i going to show you guys some shirts just for. but there you go another one of my favorites, this particular really is like the long sleeve blue a specific. I wore this all the time to university but anyways let’s finish the collection there guys.

Basically the only thing that differs in these may be the colors, you is able to see i’m getting really hot in this tracks, really hot but saying that i used to don it every day to unique, because this really comfortable and the bombs like. That i used to wear as a whole but i thought surely, because considered have asked me for it.

That is my ralph lauren collection and let’s continue today.

Goodbye everybody!