Wearing a cheap Ralph Lauren polo can also be attractive

Wearing a cheap Ralph Lauren polo can also be attractive

I heard that wearing a very graceful cheap Ralph Lauren polo shirt, will increase the probability of success to the girl. I can tell you a hundred to wear cheap Ralph Lauren polo shirt reasons, but I just say one is enough-according to do not fly the investigation, the ladies feel that men wear cheapĀ Ralph Lauren polo shirt more type, more affinity! This reason is enough, is not enough?

There is no doubt thatĀ polo Ralph Lauren is the user awareness, the highest reputation POLO shirt brand – you dare not say? Here small science, Polo Ralph Lauren is Ralph Lauren’s sub-brand, which was founded in 1968. SO, young boys do not think that Polo Ralph Lauren is Ralph Lauren’s abbreviation, the two are not the same brand.

Previously mentioned, POLO shirt was originally called tennis shirt, thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren tennis shirt and polo will be linked and vigorously promote, making Polo Ralph Lauren produced tennis shirt quickly became popular, we simply use POLO shirt On behalf of Polo Ralph Lauren produced tennis shirt. Later, we do not even mention the idea of tennis shirt, but with the POLO shirt to unify this refers to the collar, placket, different from the t-shirt clothes. This is the origin of POLO shirt.

It is a typical American style (with the nature, leisure, the pursuit of comfort, partial coarse ore style). Its logo LOGO has two, one is the colt LOGO (a very small horse), on behalf of the low-key introverted connotation.

One is the big LOGO (a polo player riding in a horse to play the ball), on behalf of the publicity atmosphere enough luxury.

Replica Ralph Lauren polo basic section (a color, chest marked LOGO style, no other redundant design) called the classic, straight collar. It has a symbol of the POLO shirt design, before and after the length of different and split fork.


If you like introverted temperament, buy a dark blue horse Ralph Lauren polo standard base section, elegant and leisure.

Wearing a cheap Ralph Lauren polo can also be attractive


If you think the pony sign is not conspicuous, you can consider the Ralph Lauren polo basis of the big logo, LOGO big enough, but not exaggerated.